​We have finished construction on the splash pad for the City of Hobart, IN. We met a lot of good people here and would like to thank Boyd Construction for the great work and all the help they provided on this project. A special thanks goes out to Water Works International for providing great water features and mechanical equipment for the project and  referring our company for construction.

​We recently finished construction of a Splash Pad for Mr. Graham in Reunion, FL. We would like to thank City Homes for another great opportunity and look forward to many more project in the future.

​Our friends at the De Palm Island water park in Aruba have decided to upgrade their current mechanical equipment to high efficiency pumps and VFDs as well as a Neptune Benson Defender filtration package. We look forward to being on site in early December to upgrade their systems.

​Western Aquatic is excited to begin construction on the Paseo Ponti fountains with McKenzie Construction in Miami, FL. This project begins in St. Petersburg with Stabil Concrete Products who will be pre-casting the fountains on site and finishing with installation in Miami, FL. This project was designed by Aquatic Design and Engineering. The fountain features will be provided by With Water Features, and the mechanical vaults were provided by our friends at Aquaworx.

​Western Aquatic has been awarded the construction of the aquatic expansion, adding a slide tower with 2 slides and a new splash pad featuring Vortex equipment. Aquaworx will provide all of the mechanical vaults and surge tanks for this project. We are excited to work with the engineers at Aquatic Design and Engineering again and on site with Brightview to deliver another great project.

​The Hilton Las Palmeras aquatic park expansion is complete and we are very pleased with how the project turned out. We would like to extend a special thank you to the engineering team at Aquatic Design and Engineering for giving us the opportunity to work on this project. This project was built with Bright View who proved to be a great partner during the construction of this project. Aquaworx was a great partner in this project providing all of the surge tanks and equipment vaults on this project. We'd also like to thank Vortex and AquaBlue for delivering great splash pad equipment and water slides for this project.

​Western Aquatic is excited to begin demolition and reconstruction on the FishHawk Community splash pad in Lithia, FL. Aquatic Design and Engineering have delivered another great design to provide the community with a beautiful place for families to come and cool off. Our friends at Aquaworx will be providing the surge tank and mechanical vaults on site. The splash pad equipment will be provided by Features With Water out of New Bruanfels, TX.

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